About Us

What do we do?

  • Work with arts organisations to improve access and inclusion
  • Specialise in access for people with autism and learning disabled people...
  • ...but we also work on access for everyone
  • Provide Training Sessions on Access and Disability Awareness 
  • Undertake Access Audits and Bespoke Consultancies 

Include Arts is led by Kirsty Hoyle (who founded the organisation in 2010) and is made up of a group of arts access specialists.

We are access specialists who understand the needs of the cultural sector and the needs of disabled and socially excluded audiences.  Our advice is current, relevant and has a direct and immediate impact on improving access for all.  

We are artistic producers working on specialist performances including Relaxed Performances and Concerts  Our creative development work with theatre companies aims to make their work more accessible for learning disabled audiences.  

We improve audience figures and provide strategic and successful audience development and diversification. We do support projects - when a targeted approach is appropriate to raise awareness or skills in a certain area - but we predominantly focus on making permanent changes to working practice.


We are members of...