Training Sessions

Session List 2016

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Dementia Friendly Session
Visual Story Session

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Welcoming Disabled Patrons:  A broad session looking at best practice customer service for disabled patrons.  Suitable for all staff.  

Relaxed Performance: How To:  A session for venues who are programming their first Relaxed Performance (RP). This session provides a step by step guide for programming and producing an RP.  Suitable for all staff.

Autism Awareness:  A brief overview of autism including diagnosis, behaviours and challenges and how your venue/work can be more accommodating to people with autism.  Suitable for all staff.



Accessible Facilitation:  Working with facilitators and educators on strategies for inclusive workshop and educational environments including improving communication skills to better support disabled participants.  Suitable for arts practitioners/facilitators.

Accessible Environments: Addressing sensory issues and adapting environments to be more accessible for all. This session looks at how to cater for the wide-ranging impact of the seven senses and how this will influence a patrons' experience of your venue.  Suitable for all staff.

Welcoming People with PMLD:  Making your organisation more welcoming for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.  Suitable for all staff.