Lucy Mckenzie


Lucy Mckenzie, Associate Director

As Associate Director of Include Arts, I have consulted at a wide range of theatre venues throughout the UK including the National Theatre, Barbican and RSC, guiding and supporting them to develop their Relaxed Performances and to create a more accessible environment for their venue. 

Having previously worked at the National Autistic Society for over 10 years, I have in depth and specialist knowledge about autism and best practice strategies and approaches.  I also have a special interest in understanding and supporting sensory issues especially focusing on the way your environment can affect how someone may interpret and interact with the world.

I have a passion for increasing awareness of the needs of learning disabled people in order to create a more inclusive and accessible society and give greater access to arts and leisure environments and activities.


- have co-developed and delivered a pioneering access training scheme in Canada with the British Council.

- previously launched an inclusion project in London borough of Tower Hamlets for children and young people with autism.

- qualified and worked as a tutor in Post 16 school for children with autism.