Kirsty Hoyle


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I'm a proud Dementia Champion


Kirsty Hoyle:  Top 100 Movers & Shakers in UK Event Industry 2016

Kirsty Hoyle, Founder & Director

My work with Include Arts is the culmination of years of working in both the arts and social care/health sector, starting at 16 as a Care Assistant.  I am interested in providing access to culture for all and am working on the international development of arts access in collaboration with creative development agencies, arts organisations and academic institutions.


  • worked with over 120 UK & International arts organisations as an access trainer and consultant

  • have been at the forefront of making the arts accessible for people with learning disabilities since 2010

  • worked as Access Manager for the Unicorn Theatre, Society of London Theatre and UK Theatre

  • was proud to manage the Relaxed Performance Project in 2013 and continue to promote RP's across the world

  • developed and coined the term 'Visual Stories' in 2011